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Focus on the business, let our team focus on the website. We’ll specialize in ongoing web maintenance services including development, design continuous improvement and security services.







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How do I know if my website needs help?

Your website is not responsive to mobile devices
An ever increasing number of mobile devices are being distributed all over the world. In the past few years the number of mobile devices accessing websites has surpassed the number of desktop computers. If your website is not mobile friendly you’re being left in the dust.
You can't update your content easily
Your business is your first priority and a website should mirror that. Keeping pictures and content up to date is important but if its to complicated or time consuming it feels like your running to business. That’s why we have committed all of our development to making sure you can keep interact with your website quickly with the best result.
Your visitors aren't converting to sales
If your website isn’t producing your desired results its time to make sure it represents you, is easy to navigate , and funnels people towards the next action. Its time to create a website that makes sense to your customer.
Slow page loading

The average person only waits three seconds for a website to load.

If your website is not meeting these social requirements, your visitors will drop off. Help them get to their intended destination quickly and funnel them into the result you are seeking .

Streamline and create an agile website with Western Web Doc.

Your website just looks old
Technology and style change quickly. Don’t be left behind buy having an outdated and ugly site. We can custom design combining beauty and strategy.

Western Web Doc

Modern marketing made simple.

At Western Web Doc our mission is to provide quality websites without headaches. In the 21st century every business needs a website. We handle everything from domain registration and hosting to ongoing maintenance and security. Our price guarantee means that once we quote a project we never ask for more money. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they have a beautifully designed, modern websites that adapt to users visiting from all types of devices for a budget they can afford. This allows business owners to focus more time on their passion.


Michael - State Forty Eight

“Western Web Doc has been working with us since the beginning and has given us the online presence that represents our passion for Arizona and our dedication to our customers.”

Nicky - Not Just Bingo

“I am so happy to have found David! After years of using various ‘friends of friends’ to help with WordPress tech issues, I decided that what our business needed most was peace of mind. And that’s what we got with David. Having a maintenance plan with David reduces a lot of the anxiety that comes with having an online business. We no longer worry about the “what ifs” because if we do have a tech issue, we know that David is only a phone call away to help!”

Jed - Paperclip Learning

“Working with David has been a dream! I interviewed 12 other web developers before I found David who lives on the other side of the world from me. More important than understanding our website needs, he understood our company needs which is far more important. He was able to make changes and additions as well as recommendations we never thought of during the entire process. I no longer see this experience as temporary contracted work, but a new working relationship that will go on for years.”

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