State Forty Eight

“Fashion with Arizona Passion”

Your Products are more then things. They represent your passion, your sweat, your tears and your lively hood. Its no simple thing to build a brand that encompass’ the love and pride you have for your community. In 2014 we learned so much from our friends at State Forty Eight. The least of which, was how to take merchandise that represents the sports fan, the outdoorsy and the fashion forward then put it on a screen to help share it with the world. We are excited to spread what we learned from Mike, Stephen and Nick to help the next home-grown superstars.

“Western Web Doc has been working with us since the beginning and has given us the online presence that represents our philosophy and dedication to our customers.”

Home Page

The goal for the home page design was to provide a clean and simple design to showcase the quality products without taking away from the message.


User experience is crucial for eCommerce websites. Simplicity and organization will allow customers to search through hundreds of products and find exactly what they are looking through in less than 3 clicks.


Customers wanted to see where they could try on State Forty Eight products close to home. We designed a custom interactive map to display retailer’s contact information with a bit of style.

Additional eCommerce Functionality

Due to the nature of individual businesses there was a need to extend the eCommerce solution by providing custom functionality to their online store such as wholesale pricing, pre-orders, gift cards, and a point system to provide discounts to loyal customers.

We are committed to providing healthy websites. Get in touch with us today for your digital checkup.


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